Sugar uses and consumption

sugar uses and consumption

Sugar Uses and Consumption; Benefits of Sugar

Want to know about sugar uses and consumption?

When life’s roller coaster is on the peak and when you have been getting appreciated, human beings use the language that is related to something sweet. According to Mary Poppins, “A spoonful of sugar helps in eating medicine.” People always tend to consume a spoon of sugar after bitter or bad tasted medicines which are never a good choice.

There is proven evidence that sugar is a major point in modern-day health’s decline. Sugar inhibits the processing of a key growth hormone in the brain that has been found to be significantly lower in people who are dealing with memory issues, mood swings or depression as well.

Excessive sugar consumption even promotes swelling in the brain, body, and gut, which can lead to severe and chronic mental and physical health diseases. Most alarming of all, perhaps, is the growing apprehension that sugar is some kind of mood uplifting drug. Clinical researches have linked excessive sugar intake to anxiety, depression, irritability, fatigue, anger outbursts, and lethargy.

Want to know more about sugar uses and consumption?

Sugar causes stress

It’s one that’s born of a misconception of what stress actually is. Stress is the name of a condition when we feel low because we are unable to cope up with life and its demands.

Sugar is Toxic

Sugar cannot be considered as a toxin but it can be described as a toxic material. Sugar helps in reducing our will to feel about other stressors. When someone is struggling with diseases, emotional and mental stress, or chronic physical labor, an excess intake of sugar bounces the body way too many problems to solve and a person is no longer able to adjust to stress.

There is always a difference in the health of people who face their stress and who do not. It actually depends upon the powerhouse of our bodies known as adrenals. These adrenals are responsible for the reaction of various types of stress.

The connection between Sugar, Hormones, and Stress

When a human body is under constant stress conditions, the body’s response is to increase the generation of the stress hormone cortisol. It stimulates the release of glucose (which is actually a form of sugar) from the liver and the release of glucose is not harmful unless the body is insulin resilient. Many people are unable to move glucose efficiently into their cell systems and sugar stores up in the main bloodstream which causes the gain of weight.

Stop the Blood Sugar War

The most tried and tested way stop this blood sugar war is to begin focusing sugar cravings and hunger not with sugar but with composite carbohydrates such as those found in whole grain foods or fiber-rich vegetables. If you take the fiber-rich vegetables or supplements with or after the meal, it slows down the metabolism and limits the sugar spikes that cause the sugar cravings.

Tips for people who cannot control their sugar cravings

  • In order to reduce your daily consumption of sugar, start eating healthier foods slowly; this may include berries or organic fruits
  • You are advised to consume a good amount of dark green vegetable. These vegetables will help replenish the body’s vitamins and other essential minerals
  • When the sugar craving gets hard to control, you should go for turkey as it releases an amino acid that is functioned to make you feel good
  • Try to inculcate various nuts in your daily routine and as a snack: they’re rich of stress inhibiting B vitamins that boost the immune system
  • Try to consume more of citrus fruits and berries for your sugar cravings as they are rich in Vitamin C and it can help you reduce stress. Other than that, these are filled with fibers that will help with sugar cravings as well.
  • Try to listen to music whenever you get the sugar cravings as it can boost your mood and take your mind away from “must eat now” feeling

It’s time to start thinking about sugar consumption

Excess consumption of sugar and other honed carbohydrates in the standard North American diet is a problem that’s difficult to overdo as a health malfunction. It may be mainly the reason behind the exponential surge in mental and physical issues in past recent years, and it well explains the compromised health, well-being, and energy we feel on an individual level on a daily basis.
So, whenever you start feeling blue or anxious or craving sugar, do not forget to remind yourself that sugar consumption can cause stress and stress can even affect your physical health.  Do it because our bodies deserve the best.

Benefits of Sugar

Enough of the adverse effects of sugar, we have also enlisted the benefits of sugar. Have a look!

Low Blood Pressure

People who face the issue of low blood pressure are ideally advised to carry sugar cubes with them at all times. If during your daily routine, you feel that the blood pressure is dropping, consume a sugar cube and it will boost the blood pressure to the normal level.

For Diabetics

A diabetic is a condition in which patients deal with a fluctuating sugar level. If one is using the insulin supplements and do not have a meal for a very long time, their blood sugar level drops. In such condition, consuming raw sugar can help revive the blood sugar level.

Sugar For Your Brain

The human brain is designed to work with the consumption of sugar. The main reason behind the blackout is the cut off a supply of sugar from your brain. So, in other words, sugar plays an integral part in the proper functioning of the brain. However, excess consumption can have adverse effects so make sure to consume only the moderate amount.

Cures Depression

Sugar is an instant uplifting of mood. This is why chocolate tends to heighten your mood and make you feel better instantly. Sugar intake makes you feel good about yourself. But make sure you do not get addicted.

I hope now you know all about sugar uses and consumption.

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