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Want to know about soulble fiber?

We always come across the word fiber in health blogs, magazines, and food ads. They are just doing this to make us aware of the importance of fiber. They are trying to tell us that fiber is the source of lower cholesterol level which will ensure the health of our heart. Fiber can be termed as a shining star of health and nutrition.  


The main source of fiber is vegetables and plants. The human digestive tract is unable to digest fiber or breakdown the fiber. But that does not mean it does not have any health benefits if it cannot be digested. Fiber has a lot of functions which prove that it is indeed good for maintaining good health. The daily requirement of fiber intake for women is said to be 25 grams per day.

Fiber has been categorized into two on the basis of its solubility.


Soluble fiber is those which can be dissolved in water. It helps us by slowing down the digestion process and makes us feel fuller for a longer period of time. The main sources of soluble fiber may include oats, beans, peas, sweet potatoes, apples, lentils, flax seeds, carrots, and chia seeds. It can also be derived from gums, insulin, beta-glucan, and pectin.


Insoluble fiber is those which cannot be dissolved in water and it makes sure the proper functioning of bowel and bowel movement. The main sources of insoluble fiber may include fruit skins, cauliflower, leafy green vegetables, broccoli, spinach, lettuce, kale, green beans, cucumber, onions, celery, pumpkin seeds, tomatoes, garlic, nuts, zucchini, and sesame seeds. It is also found in gluten products like whole wheat and couscous, brown rice, and quinoa.


According to the latest research, various studies conducted on animals and human beings have concluded that intake of soluble fiber helps the body improve its ability to regulate the blood cholesterol level, maintain it which will result in good health of your heart. This happens because soluble fibers have the tendency to make you feel fuller for a longer period of time and it will result in lower food intake.

The food that is composed of more amount of fiber takes time to break down and stays in the stomach for a long time so the body does not demand food as the stomach is full. The slow breakdown of food will help keep the energy level at the top chart. The energy released as a result of slow breakdown provides more energy as compared to the food that had more sugar content in it.

Benefits of Fiber Consumption for Women

Weight Loss

A recent study conducted by the internal medicine professionals showed that consuming 25-30 grams of fiber a day can help lose weight as compared to people who followed a more rigid diet plan. Fiber-rich foods can help a person feel full for a longer period of time thus limiting the food intake. This will lead to weight loss while keeping you and your energy on track.

Weight Gain Avoidance

Yes, you heard it right. Fiber can help you avoid the regain of weight that you have shed. People who consume the required amount of fiber happen to stay slim and fit without following any diet plan or exercise.  

Reducing the Chance of Various Type of Cancers

The latest research showed that if a person consumes 10 grams fiber a day, the risk of breast cancer reduces by 5% (breast cancer has been the life taker of millions of women around the world)

Maintain Healthy Bones

There are a variety of insoluble fibers known as probiotics which can be found in soybeans, wheat, leeks, and oats. These increase the availability of calcium in the food which is good for your bone health as it maintains the density of bones.

Source of Natural Detox

Soulble Fiber has the cleansing abilities as it increases the removal of toxins from the digestive tract. Fibers help in this case by killing the harmful compounds before they can be absorbed in the body.  

Live A Little Longer

Researches have made it evident that people who consume fiber-rich food in the form of cereals and whole grains have 15 to 19% increases in their life cycles as compared to the average age or lifecycle.

Insoluble Fiber supplements

Insoluble fiber for constipation

If you are facing the issue of constipation, start consuming cereal, whole-grain bread, and pasta. These fibers resist or slow down the digestion process which adds bulk on the stool which results in the better excretion of stools thus making you free from constipation

Tips on adding fiber to your dietary routine

We always struggle when we need to add or follow a new dietary plan but do not worry; we have added a few that will help you add fiber in your daily routine. But go easy on the consumption and incorporation of fibers in your diet. Let’s move on to the tips!

  • Start having fiber-rich food for breakfast i.e. cereals. This will give you 5 to 10 grams of fiber per serving. It is best to go for the bran or whole grain variety of cereals. Other than that, you can also add a few spoons of unprocessed wheat bran to the breakfast cereal.
  • Start consuming more amount of beans, pulses, legumes, and peas as they an excellent source of fiber. You can make a kidney bean salad for the lunch or you can also make the kidney beans soup.
  • Fruits and vegetables are never enough. Try eating fruits and vegetables as much as you can as they are rich in fiber as well as various minerals and vitamins. It is highly recommended to eat 5 or more servings of fruits or vegetables per day.
  • You must have heard about drinking 8 glass of water per day and it has many advantages as well. Other than keeping your skin clear, water also helps in the fiber passing thus leaving a good impact on your health.

I hope now you know all about soulble fiber.

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