Protein in the life of woman

Protein is everywhere to be found, we see it written on gym walls and the Cheetos box – the words seem to be in the magazines lately. The protein bars are selling like hot cakes and pictures of protein pancakes have been circulating on social media for quite a time. People are talking about protein as much as they talk about fashion and real estate. There is an ocean of information on proteins which can be found on the internet and how can we forget the yummy Pinterest recipes? But it gets difficult to trust the internet when every page says something different.

So, to cater to that issue, we have decided to address those common questions about proteins. The Internet can be a very scary and confusing place. There is always the debate of consuming too many proteins and why not consume proteins at all. So, we are going to tell our readers about the basics that will help clear the mind.

What is the function of proteins?

Before starting any type of diet, it is highly focusable to see what those nutrients hold for you and your body. The basic function of proteins is to build and repair the body muscles and tissues. Our hair and nails are all proteins. Protein is actually the molecule composed of a series of amino acids. Amino acids are the building blocks that make up your body. There is a total of 22 amino acids found in our body, out of which 8 are essential and cannot be produced by our body. So, for that, supplementary proteins are consumed. This shows that consuming proteins is necessary and there is no debate about that.

Best time to consume proteins

This is up to you that when and how you want to consume the proteins. Some people have never used the protein shakes after a workout but studies reveal that it actually helps in building the meaningful mass of your body. Many people face the issue of tiredness and cramps after a workout and consuming protein shakes post-workout can solve that issue. It gives a quick boost of energy. The proportionate consumption of carbs and easily digests proteins has made lives so much easier as it  boosts the recovery process. Proteins shakes or protein powders that have whey, pea or rice in them are great for post-workout as it can help your body recover in no time.

Each one has heard the benefits of having a full-fledged breakfast and now there is a scientific study supporting that statement. According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, having a protein full breakfast can reduce your appetite during the day and will lead to weight loss. Isn’t that uber amazing? It is highly recommended to grab a Greek yogurt or have 2 boiled eggs before heading out to work or school.


Which foods contain the highest proportion of protein?

People always tend to look out for meat when they think about consuming proteins but let us tell you that meat is not the only thing that has proteins and there are many other delicious sources of proteins. Chicken, pork, and beef are the best source of protein but you got to be careful while going through the options. If you want to consume meat, try to have lean and fresh meat as frozen meat is not good for health. Foods like tuna, salmon, and tilapia are rich in protein and easily available seafood options. If you are into consuming dairy, Greek yogurt, milk, and cottage cheese are your go-to options for proteins. Other than that, eggs are a great muscle-food. Vegetarians can fulfill their protein demand by consuming green peas, lentils, almonds, and quinoa.

Protein is easily accessible as you protein granola bars are available everywhere and you can eat those to have the protein fill. However, always read the ingredients as you may intake more sugar while looking for proteins which are not a great idea. Apart from these things, it is important to note that proteins consumed from distinct sources of foods are absorbed differently; variety is something to take into concern. For example, 50 grams of protein from meat absorbs very differently than 50 grams of protein from milk, egg or soy.

Are protein shakes or powders are a good option? Are those good to consume?

Protein shakes and protein powders are a quick and simple protein source after an extreme exercise or to snatch, shake and go in the first part of the day when we hit the snooze button a couple of too often. Be that as it may, protein powders and shakes are best in enhancement, not instead of, an eating regime of protein-rich complete meals. Proteins that take more time to process, (for instance, casein and hemp) are advised to be taken around evening time. Proteins that digest rapidly, (for instance, whey, rice, and pea) are extraordinary options post exercise on help fix muscle tissue. Casein and whey proteins are both acquired from milk.


Will these make your body bulky?

These will not make your body a lump or bulk because a little more strength training and lean protein consumption will high likely emphasize the natural feminine curves. That kind of work takes a lot of intention, effort, and time and requires self-control to say “no” to junk more often than you are capable of.

How much protein can be too much for a woman?

According to studies, it is recommended that females aged 14 to 70 years old should consume 46 grams of protein daily. This is a very usual guideline; a more thorough way to conclude your protein requirement is to eat 0.4 grams of protein for every pound of body weight. You may divide your body weight in half and subtract 10 which show that an average 140-pound woman would need 60 grams of protein daily. If you consume 1,800 calories daily, 180 to 270 calories should be proteins. Any amount more than this can prove to be bad for the health.

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