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Want to know about pregnancy and weight loss?

Losing weight seems to be weird when you are pregnant as you are growing a baby inside your body. But losing weight is completely normal if you are passing through the first trimester of your pregnancy. We have elaborated all the important issues and questions you might have about losing weight in the first trimester. We have elaborated why are you losing weight, when is it normal, when you need to see your gynecologist and how to make sure that you and your baby are getting enough nutrients that you need.

Everyone is like that; they expect that the weight scale will go upwards once you are pregnant so it is completely understandable that you are worried about losing weight. However, many women have experienced weight loss in the first trimester of their pregnancy especially if they have been facing the issue of morning sickness. According to the studies, nearly 80% of pregnant women experience some sort of nausea which can make the food digestion a difficult task and can cause the weight to drop. Keep in mind that losing weight in this time period will not affect the development of the fetus or your baby. And keep in mind that gaining a lot of weight in pregnancy is not healthy as well because it is said that women should not gain more than 2 to 4 pounds of weight in the first trimester. After the first trimester, it is highly likely that the morning sickness will go away and your appetite and dietary routine will be back on track. After the first trimester, women who lost weight will regain weight rapidly so, do not worry and enjoy your pregnancy.

However, few women have shown to lose a significant amount of weight which is not normal. For example, if a woman of 60 kg loses weight to 50kgs or more, this is problematic so, you should contact your gynecologist and get some medications prescribed that will help ease the morning sickness. This will ease nausea and you will be able to eat and gain healthy weight.

Want to know more about pregnancy and weight loss?


Weight loss in early pregnancy

As we have mentioned earlier, morning sickness, nausea, and loss of appetite are the most common reason for losing weight in the first trimester of pregnancy. According to research, nausea reduces the appetite which makes women shed weight and other than that, vomiting due to nausea can make it difficult for nutrients to get absorbed.

The other potential reasons for losing weight can be the women who were naturally overweight shed the stored fat in order to make sure the proper pregnancy growth. In other words, their stored fat is used in the development of a healthy baby and pregnancy. Other than that, few women switch to a much healthier lifestyle and start exercising which can also make them lose weight in the start.  

But there is a point that must be taken seriously. Pregnancy is not the right time for the diets and weight loss regimes so go easy on that as it can affect the health of mother and baby, both. This is because the nutritional needs may get inhibited and affect the health of the mother and the baby. A pregnant woman should just follow a healthy and well-balanced diet on daily basis; a diet that will make sure that a woman and baby get all the nutrients that they need.

We have already said that losing few pounds in the initial pregnancy is completely normal but if you continue to lose a significant amount of weight, visit your gynecologist as there can be a serious health issue such as thyroid dysfunction or hyperemesis. Keep in mind that your gynecologist is your best friend during your pregnancy and you must not hide anything from him/her and have an open conversation with them about your health issues.

Weight loss later in pregnancy

Weight loss in the first trimester is completely normal but later in the pregnancy is not normal at all. Weight loss in the later phases of pregnancy can be because of the following reasons;

  • Poor water intake
  • Poor baby/fetus growth
  • Low units of amniotic fluid
  • Hypertension due to pregnancy

It is advised to visit your doctor and have them examine the reason behind the weight loss in the later phase of pregnancy rather than chewing your nails in stress.

Things to take care of during pregnancy to ensure healthy weight loss

A pregnant woman should be extremely careful of her routine during pregnancy and must not use any methodology without consulting the doctor. Your gynecologist is your best friend and she/he will devise the best treatments for your weight loss after examining the actual cause of it. However, we have added some basic points that should be taken care of.

  • Never ever forget to take your prescribed multivitamins or other supplements. Pregnant women are advised to consume supplements that are low on iron as they can worsen nausea.
  • A pregnant woman should keep on snacking on healthy things. Many gynecologists and dieticians recommend small but frequent meals for pregnant women as an empty stomach can actually be the reason for nausea. So, always keep on snacking healthy foods. It is advised to snack on proteins, vegetables, fresh juices, and fruits.
  • The water intake is somehow more for pregnant ladies as they pee a lot. It is advised to consume at least 2 to 3 liters of water every day in order to stay hydrated. 
  • You can start incorporating ginger in your daily routine as it can help make your stomach feel good.  
  • Start wearing that acupressure wristband you have been looking at as it will help you fight the issue of nausea
  • Napping is your go-to option for the good appetite as it will help fight stress.  

How much weight gain is normal for pregnant women?

The optimum weight gain can be recommended by your doctor as it depends solely on your age and condition. But we have added the basic idea of normal weight gain range.

  • An average woman should not gain more than 25 pounds of weight during the whole pregnancy period
  • An underweight woman must try to gain 25-35 pounds of weight
  • An overweight woman must limit the weight gain and should not gain more than 15 pounds of weight

This is all about pregnancy and weight loss.

I hope now you know all about pregnancy and weight loss.

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