Importance of Water

importance of water

Importance of Water

Water needs to be considered as an essential nutrient for every living organism. Because of endless access to water, we take it for granted and do not realize the importance of hydration. According to medical researchers, water is ranked at second only to oxygen as an essential ingredient for life. Our body is 2/3rd water. Other than that, it is a proven fact that a person can survive two months without food, but only a few days without water.

Benefits of drinking water in the morning

  • Water helps in regulating your body temperature, keeping it cool through the perspiration process.
  • Water helps in washing out toxins from your body
  • Water plays an important role in blood circulation as it carries all the nutrients to and from the body cells.
  • Water acts as a cushioning agent and protects tissues and organs from shock and damage.
  • Water helps in maintaining the ideal weight.

Water is an integral part of daily bodily functions. Every day, the human body loses 2-3 quarts of water through sweat, urination, excretion, and breathing. The body loses more amount of water if you exercise, live in dry or hot climate areas, eat high fiber diets, and drink alcohol and caffeine. It is ideal to drink 8-10 cups of water a day.

How Body Loses Water?

Signs of various illnesses, such as fever, vomiting or diarrhea, cause your body to lose essential fluids of your body. In these cases, people are advised to drink more liquids (water and juices) and may also need oral rehydration solutions. Diseases such as bladder infections and urinary tract stones require increased water intake. On the other side, illnesses such as heart failure and various conditions related to the kidney, liver and adrenal glands worsen excretion of water and require a very limited water intake.

Drinking caffeinated fluids can be a concern because caffeine acts as a diuretic and can cause increased urination resulting in loss of water from the body. Caffeine is usually found in tea, soft drinks, and coffee. It is advised to drink these caffeinated drinks at a moderate rate and focus on drinking more water.

Ways to Increase Water Intake

We are all guilty of not consuming enough water. So, in order to help incorporate more water intake into your daily routine, we have come up with these tried and tested methods;

  • You can add lime or lemon to water and drink no-calorie flavored water.
  • Try to eat healthy snacks that also have high water content like cucumber, grapes, watermelon, oranges, lettuce, and tomatoes
  • Always drink no-fat milk
  • Always keep a water bottle handy i.e. on your work table or your bedside table.
  • You can make a yummy smoothie by blending ice and fruits which will be very nutritive and fresh.
  • Always drink decaffeinated coffee and tea.
  • Soft drinks and box juice can be consumed once in a while but it is highly preferable to drink other drinks that have no added sugar. Try to consume fresh juices.

Functions of Water

The first and foremost function is that it can easily quench the thirst. Other than that, it is an integral part of human and living organism’s survival and can even decrease our fatigue. In order to say more about it, water is identified for its reviving functions that make our skin look better. The hot and humid weather can dry up the skin and water covers up for that by providing the essential hydration. According to the recent researches by US scientists, up to 70% of the human being’s body mass is made up of water. Through this information, we can easily conclude that water is indeed the building block and cannot be ignored.

Importance of Water to Plants

Water is not only essential to people and animals, but to plants as well. In case, we look deeper, it’s convenient to see that if there were no water resources to feed the plants, there would be no oxygen for human beings to breathe on thus reducing the chances for human survival.

Importance of Water in Human Life

Considering the way that we as a whole, live in great urban communities where ordinary pressure is something that we as a whole have used to, it’s no big surprise that steady anxious strain makes usage. This is when water additionally can help through its reviving properties. Other than that, this essential fluid can rehydrate our body. In our regular day to day existence, we like to play games, we work a great deal and sweat that typically is the explanation for the body’s lack of hydration. This, thus, can cause numerous issues with human health and even may prompt passing – in most extreme conditions.

During the time spent exercising, work and play, we as a whole get drained. This implies our life form needs water to revive exhaustion so as to go on with our regular exercises. Mention that exhaustion can be of both – physical and mental nature. Mental uniform causes broad languor and decline of consideration of an individual through physical weakness will make the muscles tired and torment. As the consequence of every one of these angles, an individual turns out to be totally less progressive. Lastly, water is a valuable ingredient for help when the individual need detoxification, which is the way toward purifying the toxins in the body of a person. On this planet, there is no better assistant during the time spent detoxification than water! This is unquestionably the best specialist, and, with no questions, the least expensive.

To make it unmistakable, water is the most essential piece of our life. We can invest days without food and still be alive. Be that as it may, in the time that we got declined of water, very soon we would close our eyes for eternity. Water gives our life an incredible assortment of focal points. That is the reason we need to deal with our wellbeing and water is the main element to make utilization of all the while!

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