Healthy Coconut Oil – Is This Oil Healthy For Women

healthy coconut oil

Healthy Coconut Oil – Is This Oil Healthy For Women

Healthy coconut oil is the only food that can be called a superfood. Coconut oil hardly has any side effect due to the combination of fatty acids that only have good effects on your health. The health benefits include weight loss, sharp mind functions, and many other benefits as well. We have enlisted a total of 10 benefits of coconut oil so read up!

Healthy Coconut Oil Benefits

Coconut oil is full of healthy fatty acids

Healthy coconut oil has a high percentage of saturated fats that happen to have very good benefits for health as compared to other fats. The fats found in coconut oil have the tendency to boost the burning of fats and provide your mind and body with a new level of energy. The fats that are present in coconut oil are called MCTs, medium chain triglycerides which mean that these fatty acids are smaller in size as compared to other fatty acids.

When such fatty acids are consumed, they are passed to the liver directly where they are broken down which produces energy or else those fatty acids are transformed into ketones.

Ketones have the tendency to sharpen the human brain and they are helpful in treating patients with Alzheimer’s, epilepsy, etc.

Coconut Oil consumption leads to a healthier society and population

Coconut is considered to be an exotic food on the Western side of the world and is consumed by health conscious people in large amounts. Other than that, it has been noticed that in many other parts of the world, coconut along with coconut oil is consumed as a dietary food. Those populations include Tokelauans and this population belongs to the South Pacific region.  When this population was examined, it showed that had optimum health and the lowest chances of getting any heart diseases. The reason is that they used to fulfill their 60% calorie requirements from coconut oil. The other populations who consumed coconut oil as food and showed the best health conditions are the Kitavans.

Coconut oil helps in burning of excess fats

Obesity is considered to be the root cause of many health diseases and it is true too much extent. Many people think that obesity is due to the excessive calories but the sources of those calories are equally important. This is a proven fact that different meals and foods affect our body in different ways and this shows that calorie is not what we think it is.

Coconut oil has MCTs, medium chain triglycerides which can increase the number of fats that are burnt by your body as compared to the oils that are long chained.

One study reveals that daily energy expenditure is increased by 5% when 15-30 grams MCTs are consumed.

Coconut Oil has the tendency to kill harmful microorganisms

Coconut oil has a good percentage of lauric acid present in it which produces monolaurin when it is digested. Lauric acid and monolaurin have been seen to kill harmful microorganisms such as bacteria, pathogen, viruses, and fungi. These have shown to kill the yeast infection causing bacteria in human beings.

Coconut Oil makes you feel full and helps you lose weight

Here is the most interesting thing. Coconut oil can help your stomach feel full due to the fatty acids present in it and this fullness will make you eat less which will make you lose weight.

Ketones have the tendency to make the appetite go away and it is because of the way fats are metabolized. One experiment was carried out on the mean. They were fed with coconut oil and they consumed 256 lesser calories than they used to.

Coconut oil’s fatty acids reduce the frequency of seizures

This is done by feeding a great number of ketones to the patients who get frequent seizures. The ketone percentage in the bloodstream increases which has resulted in the lesser frequency of seizures. Many children have been treated by this treatment and even the ones who didn’t show any progress by the medicines. This happens because ketones are passed directly to the liver and ketosis is reduced n the epileptic patients allowing more room for the carbohydrates.

Coconut Oil helps increase the percentage of healthy HDL cholesterol

Coconut oil is enriched with MCTs, medium chained triglycerides which make sure the production of healthy HDL cholesterol and it even helps in the low production LDL fatty acids. When healthy HDL cholesterol is increased, the risk of heart disease is minimized.

Coconut Oil helps in protection of hair, skin and dental health

Coconut oil has many benefits other than eating and health things. If you use coconut oil for cosmetic purposes, it is equally beneficial. People who have dry skin can apply coconut oil on their skin and it will increase the moisture level of their skin. It even helps in fighting eczema.

Other than that, coconut oil also repairs the weak and damaged hair by blocking out the harmful sun rays. One more benefit is that if you use coconut oil for gargling, it will fish out many harmful bacteria from your mouth which will in return maintain your dental health.

The Fatty Acids present in coconut oil sharpens the mind and treat the patients of Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s disease is most commonly found in the elderly population due to age and many other factors. The Alzheimer’s patients forget things and this is because of the improper glucose utilization in their brain. Researches have concluded that ketones present in coconut oil can act as substitute energy sources for the brain and help reduce the consequences of this disease.

However, more researches are being carried out on this issue and we will get the conclusions soon.

Coconut Oil can help lose fats, especially the abdominal fat

Almost everyone we see around has a bulging belly and this is in most parts of the world. As we have discussed earlier that coconut oil helps in the reduction of weight, this is an addition to that point.

The study showed that women who consume two tablespoons of coconut oil daily have higher chances of losing belly weight and reduces the waist size. The results were seen in the period of 12 days so you have got to be patient with the results if you are going to try this out.

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