We have been always told that fat is necessary to avoid if you want to lose those extra pounds. Various health magazines, TV shows, and showbiz ads have been telling us to cut fat out of our dietary routine to lose weight and it gets difficult to think that may be a little amount of fat be actually be a good thing for us and have a positive effect on our health. Recent researches are all against that idea. Keep reading to know the truth that has been revealed.

Why Women Need Fat to Lose Weight

We know that you have always been told to avoid fats whenever you tried to lose weight and you failed. As we have told that researches are against those ideas. So, the truth is that counting calories in order to lose does not work and you do not enjoy your life as well if you follow that routine. When you limit the number of calories more than needed, your metabolism will be adversely affected. Your body breaks down the food you eat into various parts which shows that the calorie you just consumed will not be a calorie after few hours. 

If we look closely on some matters, low-carbohydrate diets are easily metabolized and can help lose weight rapidly. The reason for this is the presence of hormones. Insulin is the hormone that controls the fat of your body and high-carb diet will increase the glucose level in your body that will lead to more insulin generation. More the fat produced, more the fat gets stored.

It has been seen that low-fat foods are rich with calories and carbohydrates than the full-fat products i.e. sugar. This is the reason consuming eggs, bacon, or avocado will help you help lose weight and low-fat bread will make you fat. If you limit your calories intake for a longer period of time, you may face issues like;  

  • Insulin resistance
  • Wonky hormones
  • Thyroid issues
  • Leptin and ghrelin imbalance (these hormones induce hunger)

So, you will regain the weight you shed if you follow the old traditional ways of losing weight. Think smart and eat smart.

Fat makes you feel full for more time

Remind yourself of the time when you had a bowl full of pasta and the time when you had a steak topped with veggies and butter. After eating pasta, you felt full for a little while but you started looking for food after a little time. On the other hand, when you had steak topped with vegetables and butter, you did not feel hungry for a long time and yet you were able to do work without feeling any type of tiredness.

This shows that fats can help you feel full and make you not eat and munch which turns out to be a good cause of losing those extra pounds.

Fat seems to have less effect on insulin as compared to carbohydrates or proteins. Notice that when your insulin level is right, you do not feel lazy and tired and you are full of energy.

When fats are consumed in a routine, they combine with carbohydrates and absorb them which help the pancreas by not making insulin as much as it would if it was some high-carb meal.

Fat is your heart’s friend

Now, this has been a debate for a long time now. But now it has reached a conclusion. It shows that when fats are avoided and carbs are consumed, the sugar level of your blood increases which increases the risk of heart diseases. Excess of everything is bad so is the excessive eating of carbs. Carbs can induce the inflammation which can lead to hardening of your arteries. Without inflammation, you would never face such issue and the fats & cholesterol could perform their role by building the brain. The right amount of cholesterol can actually save your heart. However, do not consume old fats. Reach out for the high-quality fats i.e. grass-fed meat and butter to gain the benefits of it.

Fats are good for Brain

It is evident that 60% of the brain is made up of fats and cholesterol constitutes 25% of that fat. The brain needs fat consumption for two purposes; energy and maintaining itself.

Not all fats but saturated fats have been proved to be good for the brain and its normal functions. The brain has a protective layer of fats around it which is known as myelin. This layer is all fats and helps quick transmission of brain signals to and from the various organs. 

When the myelin layer is not functioning properly or if it breaks down, signal transmission slows down. However, the effects are not fatal i.e. forgetting to pick up the glasses from bedside or forgetting why you went to the kitchen. Saturated fats and cholesterol perform the role of myelin maintenance and the proper functioning is affected when fats or cholesterol is not consumed as required.   It can lead to cognitive damage.

Fat makes you cheery

Happiness is induced from your brain and fats helps in maintaining your brain so they are good friends. As we have mentioned earlier, fat can make you feel full and keep your insulin level to a minimum level. This will help in making you feel energized all day long so you can go through your day without feeling sad or low.

A fat that is full of DHA has been proved to be best for this function and there is also a variety of fish that is rich in DHA. So, treat yourself with that fish and make yourself and your brain happy.

Fat keeps you look young

If you go into the science and nutrition side, high-quality fats have vitamins D, A. K, AND E present in them. All these vitamins are helpful for your youthfulness and skin. These vitamins induce collagen development and maintain good skin complexion. Consuming these vitamins with other nutrient-rich foods will actually help your skin look bright and rosy. It helps in building the skin elasticity which can reduce or even vanish the fine lines as well as wrinkles.

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