Dietary Fiber – Good for woman

dietary fiber

Dietary Fiber – Good for woman

Dietary fiber is the part of plants that cannot be digested by the human body. Dietary fibers are classified into two categories; soluble and insoluble. Different plants have a different percentage of these dietary fibers present in them. As we mentioned that these cannot be digested, they pass through the digestive system untouched. This helps in excretion of waste materials from the body as well as regulates the blood sugar level. The main sources of dietary fiber are beans, legumes, whole grains, vegetables, and fruits. God made nothing without a reason so that shows both the types of dietary fibers are important in maintaining good health

Fiber Benefits

It helps in weight loss

If you only do one thing we are going to say, you will shed those extra pounds that you have gained. Incorporate the consumption of dietary fiber in your daily routine and you will see that your waist size has been decreased effectively. The recent study from the Annals of internal medicine has shown that women who incorporated 30 grams of fiber per day lost a good amount of weight without doing any weight loss remedy.

Foods that are rich in fiber make your stomach feel full for a longer period of time and make you feel satisfied for long and they also prevent the body from absorbing the calories from the food you consume. According to a dietitian, fiber has been shown to bind with calorie and take it to the large intestine where it will be excreted out from the body.

According to another research, women who increased their fiber intake to double have shown to reduce the calorie intake by 15 -20% which leads to 9 to 13 pounds of weight loss per year.

Maintain a healthy and good weight

Yes, you read that right. Fibers can help you avoid gaining weight that you have shed. Women who have more fiber consumption have shown evident results in being leaner as compared to women who do not consume fibers.

Fiber reduces the risk of Type 2 Diabetes

It’s a proven fact. An analysis was taken out by 19 studies and research concluded that people who consumed more than 26 grams of fiber per day had reduced the risk of Type 2 diabetes by 18%. The reason behind it is that fiber helps in regulating the blood sugar level and also keeps the person with optimum weight and it staves off the chances of development of diabetes

It helps reduce the risk of heart diseases

It has been found that if a person consumes 7 grams fiber per day, the risk of heart disease is reduced by 9 percent and this study was published in BMJ. This happens because fiber binds excess cholesterol with itself and excrete it out of the system before it gets clogged up in the arteries.  

Increases the production of healthy gut bacteria

Just like not every human is bad, not all the bacteria are bad as well. The bacteria that is responsible for the development of your microbiome need fiber and helps in the nourishment of human health.  

It helps in the reduction of various types of cancers

When a person consumes 10 grams of fiber per day, the risk of colorectal and breast cancer is reduced by 10% and 5%, respectively. Other than that, foods like fresh fruits and vegetables are rich in phytochemicals and antioxidants that have the tendency to reduce the chances of cancer.

Live a long and healthier life

Recent studies have shown that people who consume foods rich in fiber and whole grains had 17 percent to 19 percent lesser chances of death from any reason as compared to the people who consume fiber-less food.

Get well, more, and regular

We all have been there to a point where we dealt with constipation and we know how painful it can be. When you consume fiber-rich foods, your stool will be much softer and easier to pass out the excretory system.

Fiber is an all-natural detox

Fiber has been proven to scrub off the toxins from your G.I tract and promote the health of the gut. Soluble fibers bind toxic compounds with itself such as cholesterol and harmful fats and take these out of your system before they can be absorbed by your body. But insoluble fiber does the same things but in a lesser period of time which results in a lesser stay of mercury and other harmful pesticides in your body. This will help your body stay healthy because they will not have any harmful compounds present in them.

Fiber promotes healthier bones

Various varieties of fibers are found in soybeans, leeks, asparagus, oats, and wheat which have shown the availability of minerals such as calcium in the meals you consume. This calcium

We mentioned all the information and research that we could find which can be proven beneficial for human health. We hope that you enjoyed reading it and you got to learn something or you got to know the answers to the questions that you had in mind.

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