Dairy Diet For Women

dairy diet

Dairy Diet For Women

Women are the proven multi-taskers, so it is no surprise when women incorporate various dairy diet in their routine but please note that no one should start eating something without reading about its pros and cons or without discussing it with your doctor. For example, start living a life filled with dairy products is a new trend but you must not start it without doing research about it. We understand that research can be a difficult task but don’t worry because we have done that for you and we have added all the important points you need to take care of.  

Avoid consuming trans-food fats completely

Young adults have the time and energy as well as the ability to gain healthy habits by ditching the unhealthy ones as their nutrition cycles can affect their health in later phases of life. During the 20s, an adult’s utmost priority should be maintaining good bone health.

People have started to cut out the dairy intake from their daily routine which is an alarming situation as it can cause a great number of diseases because of calcium deficiency. However, any woman who is on a dairy free diet should make sure that the required calcium intake is being fulfilled from alternate sources.


Calcium can be derived from various varieties of plants other than the dairy products. A young woman is recommended to consume about 300 mg of calcium daily and one must keep in mind that this amount is a crucial thing. Any woman who is on a dairy free diet should make sure that she is getting the recommended calcium intake from plants.


Women who are choosing the dairy-free diet are at great risk of osteoporosis and decaying of bones as well as teeth due to the inefficient intake of calcium. According to the latest study of IOF (International Osteoporosis Foundation), almost 200 million women are facing the osteoporosis issue around the globe and it is foreseen that this percentage will increase to 200% in next 30 years.

There are high chances that women who have lower or no dairy intake consume other foods which make up for the calcium requirements. If you are choosing the dairy-free diet, do not forget to visit your doctor and get yourself supplements recommended so you do not have to face the health issues.

Vitamin D

Another risk includes Vitamin D deficiency due to the dairy-free diet. Right now, almost 50% of US population is facing the deficiency issue and the percentage is increasing immensely as people are adopting the trend of dairy-free diets.

Vitamin D is fortified and it is present in most dairy and milk brands but it is not naturally found. People must consume fortified foods, sunshine, and vitamin supplements if they are ditching the dairy lifestyle.

Vitamin D plays an important role in bone and dental health as it is needed for the absorption of calcium in body and bones. Other studies have concluded that deficiency of vitamin D and calcium intake in women can lead to the worst painful pre-menstrual syndrome.  



Acne is a woman’s enemy as it can reduce the smoothness of skin and affects the texture of skin. Women who have adopted dairy-free diets have seen that the acne has been cleared. Acne is formed when oils get trapped in pores and cause inflammation. Now, dairy products are the cause of oils in the body and induce inflammation but you should not blame dairy products for your acne as there are many other reasons as well. For further assistance, visit your dermatologist.


Many women who had digestion issues and adapted to a dairy-free diet have shown the results concluding the better digestive health. If dairy products are consumed in larger quantities, large intestine can be inflamed which can lead to diarrhea.

Weight loss

Ditching the dairy products can help in weight loss. Milk, yogurt and unsweetened dairy products can be consumed as they have lactose which is a natural sugar but artificial dairy products can make you gain weight because of added sugar content in it. If you are trying to lose the stubborn abdominal weight, ditch the added sugar dairy products and you will see the results in a matter of few weeks.


Dairy products are responsible for the formation of mucus and the variety of protein found in dairy products has shown to cause inflammation in various body parts and organs including thyroid gland and digestive tract. When the thyroid health is not optimum, a person may start losing energy and ditching the dairy products can improve thyroid health and boost up the energy levels. It is recommended to consume fresh celery juice in the morning to alkalize the body and it will also fight the risk of thyroid issues.

We understand that ditching the dairy products can be a little overwhelming for your body if you have been consuming it for a very long time. But do not worry because we have added the points which will help you through the journey while taking smaller steps one at a time and even nourish you. Read up for the little tips!

  • Start consuming coconut milk or almond milk instead of cow milk but make sure that there are no added sugars in it
  • Start consuming almond milk ice cream rather than eating the old traditional ice cream because it is a much healthier option
  • Start incorporating nuts such as Brazil nuts and cashews to make sure the nutrition needs are being taken care of
  • Always treat yourself with fresh vegetables, fruits, and juices
  • Cheese lovers can switch to raw cashew cheese because it is packed with nutrients and is very low on calories
  • Keep a bottle of coconut water handy to stay hydrated throughout the day

We have tried to make things easy and healthy for you. So, if you ditch the dairy products, do not forget to incorporate these tips to make sure that the health is never compromised.

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