Balanced Diet Highly Recommended For Women

balanced diet

Balanced Diet Highly Recommended For Women

Want to know about balanced diet?

It is not a hidden fact that women are always on their feet whether it is for the kids, or the husband, or the boss who is taking a toll on your health. Due to this immense pressure of work as well as home responsibilities, women tend to ignore their own health while meeting with the deadlines of various tasks. This can adversely affect them by taking a toll on their physical as well as mental health. But we have added a few points which can make sure that no woman is deprived of the basic nutrients that are essential for a healthy life. The balanced diet can make a woman strong and do the work effectively and efficiently. A woman must take out some time for her own self because it is important to live a happy life. The key to that happy life lies in a balanced diet. So, let’s get to the point and practice the points that we have written below. These points will make sure that your life and diet gets a little easier!

Breakfast is key

We have always heard that you must eat breakfast like a king. This means that you should eat breakfast that is full of nutrients and also make you feel full. This breakfast regime will make sure that you have the energy for the day and the daily chores without putting any strain on yourself. Eating breakfast full of nutrients is essential in restoring your blood sugar levels which happen to lag after the night’s sleep. The cons of skipping breakfast include low blood sugar level which can adversely affect your mood as well as the concentration. Other than that, it happens to reduce the metabolism which leads to ineffective burning of calories. It is recommended to consume the breakfast that is rich in carbohydrates and proteins as they will give energy for a longer period of time. The main sources of these nutrients can be porridge, eggs, baked beans, muesli, and toast made of whole grains.  

Go for protein 

While you are preparing lunch for your kids, do not forget to make something for yourself. Take out those beans out of the cabinet and salads from the fridge and mix them up. This combination will be high in protein content which will energize you till afternoon. Other than beans, you can also add lean meat, eggs, or maybe a bread roll.

Fluids are your best friends

Women tend to neglect the daily required intake of fluids including water. According to research, if a woman is not hydrated, this can lower the mood, adversely affect the concentration level and lower the blood sugar levels. The required intake of fluids and water vary from person to person depending upon their rate of physical activities and the weather conditions of the area. The daily fluid or water intake is recommended to be 8 glasses on average. Another way to find out the optimum water intake for yourself is to check that the color of your pee must be pale straw. If the color is pale straw, this means that you are well-hydrated.  

Cook a large amount of foods or soups

On Sundays or whenever you have spare time, cook soups, tomato sauces, stews, low-fat curries such as chili con carne in large amounts and freeze them by making one meal portions. Now, whenever you are running late and do not have time for the cooking, take one portion out, defrost it and eat it before you go on with your work and chores. This will also help you avoid fast fasts and processed foods when you are out of energy to cook.

Caffeine is your biggest enemy

We all have been found guilty of consuming extra coffee when we need energy but this should not be the way. Small portions can be a good energy boost but more intake of caffeine can hurt your digestive system and it can affect your sleeping routine which is not good keeping in mind the work you do in the day. You must not consume more than 3 or 4 cups of coffee per day.

Write it down

This may sound absurd but it works wonderfully. On your way out, take a note pad or dairy with yourself and write everything that you eat during the day. Now, examine the diary after a week and you will see if you are eating right or not depending upon your required energy levels. If you are not eating right, change the routine and eat what’s best for you and your body.

Balance your plate

Never eat an excess of anything because it can cause a health issue. If you are consuming carbohydrates, make sure that you are consuming a little portion of fruits and vegetables with it to make sure the vitamins and minerals intake that can only be consumed from these. Other than that, your plate must also have a portion of meat or fish to make up for the intake of proteins.

Eat healthy fats

Fats are not bad at all if you are consuming the right amount and the right type. So, make sure you are well consumed by fats. The healthy fats can be taken from olives, eggs, whole grains, and chia seeds.

Nutritional Snacking is good for the health

Snack is something that you consume when you are not very much hungry and the type of snacks that you choose from yourself can affect a great deal. So, instead of munching and snacking on fries and fried foods, go for nuts and carrots or low-fat butter. This will make sure that you have tasty snacks without taking a dig on your health.

Go green

You must never forget the green vegetables. As we all know greenery and nature can lift up our mood and energy level. Same is the case with health as eating the green vegetables and fruits can up your health levels and also provide you with the vital energy needed for daily chores and fulfilling the responsibilities. The ration of your vegetable to fruit intake should not be less than 3:2.

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