2019 Nissan 370Z Review, Ratings, Specs, Prices, and Photos


The 2019 Nissan 370Z is still a fine sports-car choice, despite some of the fiercest competition it has seen yet. It’s fun to drive, quick off the line, and its 6-speed manual with rev-matching is one of the best we’ve tested.

With that in mind, we rate the 370Z 7 out of 10 for performance, with extra points for its drivetrain and ride/handling tune. (Read more about how we rate cars.)

The Z keeps the 3.7-liter V-6 across the board, with a few differences in power output depending on model. Coupes and convertibles see 332 horsepower from the engine, which is delivered with satisfying immediacy since there is no turbo to spool up. The power is delivered through either a 6-speed manual or 7-speed automatic transmission.

The rev-matching system found in most trims (not base) easily makes the 6-speed manual our pick for fun in the Z, with its short throws and perky demeanor.

Sport trims and above add a limited-slip differential that pushes the fun factor even further. Nismo models benefit from 18 more horsepower, up to 350, and keep the limited-slip differential in back. Nismo cars feature specially-tuned suspension that tightens up the experience and makes the Z a perfect weekend-warrior track car.

Coupes weigh in at 3,400 pounds with convertibles coming in roughly 100 pounds more to accommodate the folding roof.

Driving the 370Z can feel distant at times, with steering response that isn’t quite as sharp as other models we’ve tested. The ride does not feel distant, with bumps and imperfections in the road making themselves immediately known inside the cabin. The 18-inch tires on base models offer more sidewall to soak up some of that jostle, but the 19-inchers on other models tend to make things worse overall. Grip is excellent, and the Z feels sharp in corners thanks to a short wheelbase.

Beyond the Base models, 370Z coupes and convertibles include active noise cancellation systems that balance out some of the engine’s harsher tones with more pleasant notes.

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